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Summer Camp Program | K - 6 grade | Serving the Greater Owatonna, MN Area

Learning To Participate, Cooperate, And Be
A Team Player

Your child learns to participate, cooperate, and be a team player every single day. We offer both small group activities and large group activities for your child to practice these skills while developing friendships along the way.

Our Core Values Bear FRUIT


We believe all things are possible through Christ.

We know God has a plan & purpose for each life.


We treat others how we want to be treated.

We are aware of others' individuality.


We work together.

We complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses.


We are honest, trustworthy & make moral decisions.

We always do the right thing.


We prosper in all arenas of life.

We pursue personal growth.

Weekly Themes Make
Summer Learning A Breeze

Your child spends the summer learning and growing through weekly themed experiences such as “It’s a Barnyard Extravaganza” Week. 

Daily Practice Of Honesty, Patience, And Kindness

The center believes in Christian values. This is why teachers lead by example and teach your child the core values of kindness, patience, and integrity. They learn to treat others how they want to be treated, and that honesty is the best policy.

Fenced Playgrounds, Video, And Other Measures Ensure Safety

Providing You with
Peace of Mind

A secure entrance, fenced-in playgrounds, padded astroturf, and video surveillance are all precautionary measures that keep your child safe. Meanwhile our teachers & staff proactively maintain preventative safety practices.

Summer Camp Runs From June 10th – August 30th 2024

Discover, New, Fun, & Exciting Themes Each Week!

Dig It

Week 1 | June 10-14

Dig It

“When beetles fight these battles in a bottle with their paddles, and the bottle’s on a poodle and the poodle’s eating noodles…they call this a muddle puddle tweetle poodle beetle noodle bottle paddle battle.”—Fox in Socks

We start our summer fun by getting dirty while exploring the best nature has to offer. We will learn about plants, soil, worms, fossils, and dinosaurs and even plant our own seeds to care for. Weekly activities include making terrariums and collage with leaves, painting with dirt, putting together worm farms, a fossil project with salt dough and scavenger hunting.
Dig It
Mad Science
Mad Science

Week 2 | June 17-21

Mad Science

“It’s spiderwebs and dogwood trees, a muddy trail, a blue-green breeze. A nest, a leaf, a sycamore trunk. A whiff of pine, a hint of skunk.”—A Whiff of Pine, A Hint of Skunk: A Forest of Poems 

This week is all about interesting facts about science including animals, volcanos, slime, weather, and geology. Our week kicks off with a visit from Rad Zoo. Other weekly activities include making slime, studying physics on the playground, a mock volcano project, rock hunting and a bean bag toss tournament.
Build Your Own World

Week 3 | June 24-28

Build Your Own World

“The level of our success is limited only by our imagination, and no act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.”—Aesop’s Fable 

It is time to have fun learning how to build all sorts of cool stuff. We will explore building plans by designing a house & construction with Legos. We’ll also be building bridges, making bird feeders and learning about robots. Our weekly activities include building with cardboard and everyday supplies, creating structures with Legos, robot races and designing an obstacle course.
Build Your Own World
Stars and Stripes
Stars and Stripes

Week 4 | July 1-5

Stars and Stripes

It is a birthday celebration for our great nation. This week is all about America: flags, patriotism, independence, and celebrating the birth of our nation. Our weekly activities include art projects, a parade, games, scavenger hunt and fun facts all centered on Independence Day.

Week 5 | July 8-12

Mission Impossible

This week is all about sports and beating the impossible mission. We will explore a variety of sports such as hockey, soccer, dancing, basketball, and the Olympic games. Our weekly activities include a hockey stick craft, a soccer game, musical chairs, balloon volleyball and holding our own Olympics.
Summer Splash
Summer Splash

Week 6 | July 15-19

Summer Splash

This week we will be talking about all things water; from rivers and oceans to water pollution and lots of stuff in between all while finding joy in the summer sun with water play. Our weekly activities include all manner of water related activities: a riverside nature trail walk, water balloon dodgeball, and of course other water games. Additional crafts include making an aquarium and a suncatcher craft.
Exploring Fairytale Land

Week 7 | July 22-26

Exploring Fairytale Land

A week focused on fairytales such as those of Cinderella and Rapunzel. Our weekly activities include a rock turtle craft, measuring Rapunzel’s hair and Hula Hoop Tic Tac Toe with bean bags. This week of make-believe ends with our own Fairytale Land Theater.
Exploring Fairytale Land
Test Your Luck
Test Your Luck

Week 8 | July 29 – Aug 2

Test Your Luck

This week we will have fun testing our knowledge, skill, and luck. We will play familiar games like Minute to Win It, Family Feud, Fear Factor and American Ninja. Other games and activities of skill and chance include parachute games, an Oreo Plinko game, Dino Stomp relay race and an obstacle course.
Melody Magic

Week 9 | Aug 5-9

Melody Magic

The sweet sound of music will fill the air. Crafts include making instruments such as tambourines and guitars. We will pretend to be rock stars as we sing Karaoke and test our music knowledge with music related games. The main focus this week will be practicing for the school age talent show to be held at the end of the week.
Melody Magic
Infinity and Beyond
Infinity and Beyond

Week 10 | Aug 12-16

Infinity and Beyond

Our imaginations will take us out of this Earthly world to planets far away. We will have team building activities including an astronaut helmet relay race. Other weekly activities include a sewing craft, making bracelets and paper bag helmets and a solar system spelling bee.
All Around the World

Week 11 | Aug 19-23

All Around the World

This week we will have fun exploring the diversity of world culture; learning about different celebrations and singing songs from different cultures, doing crafts from around the world, and of course a variety of games. Our weekly activities include making pinatas, eating pancakes, creating a paper dragon, making pizza garland, and holding sack races.
All Around the World
Hawaiian Paradise
Hawaiian Paradise

Week 12 | Aug 26-30

Hawaiian Paradise

A time to wrap up our summer of fun with a Luau party. There will be so much fun as we transform our room into a Hawaiian paradise getaway. To prepare for the celebration we will first make lei’s, tiki masks, grass skirts and crowns. Our weekly activities include playing Luau games like hot potato and decorating surfboards.


9:00 - 9:30 AM

Devotion Dive In

9:30 - 10:30 AM

Blow off some S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math)

10:30 - 11:00 AM

Get on the Brain Train (Math & Literacy)

11:00 - 11:15 AM


11:15 AM - 12:00 PM


12:00 - 1:30 PM

Power Play (Sports, Games, Adventures, Water Play & More)

1:30 - 2:30 PM

Chillin’ with my Chums (Board Games, Stories, Movies & More)

2:30 - 3:00 PM


Hear What Parents Have To Say...

"He has learned a lot of things"

I have been bringing my son to Cedar Kids for a year and a half and he loves it! He has learned a lot of things that will help him to be ready for preschool and kindergarten! The staff are wonderful and it is a comfortable environment! I love all the crafts they do and also love the app that tells you what they did throughout which sometimes includes pictures! I would definitely recommend this center for child care!

– Janet S

" I always know she is safe and learning!"

Wonderful place. I always know she is safe and learning! Overly ready for preschool when it's time & learns/sings/prays about Jesus

– Elizabeth W

"This is a wonderful place"

Wonderful center for children. My son has been there for two weeks and he’s been talking so much and absolutely loves it there. This is a wonderful place.

– Brianna S

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