Investing in Your Child’s Future

Investing in Your
Child’s Future

Building upon Basic Learning Essentials, Fun, Social-Emotional Skills and Spiritual Growth

Preschool Program | 33 months - Kinder | Serving the Greater Owatonna, MN Area

Meeting Your Child “Where They Are” in Their Learning

The center has three preschool classrooms, and thoughtfully place your child with peers at the same developmental pace. This way, we can comfortably “meet your child where they are at” in their learning, ensuring they flourish and thrive.

Creative Arts & Crafts Galore

Ample time is reserved for self-expression throughout the week. With plenty of projects, crafts, coloring and painting our classroom walls & your refrigerator door are covered with the latest artwork from your enthusiastic little artist!

Directed Dramatic Play That Develops Listening Skills

Daily dramatic play and dress-up often tie into a theme, like scuba divers in a submarine. While your child happily plays with others, taking turns leading the play, following each other’s or the teacher’s lead, they develop leadership and listening skills.

Children Practice Tidying For Much-Needed Life Skills

Simple age-appropriate chores are given so that your little one can participate and help out. Your child will soon happily be making their snacks, helping to clean, be putting things away where they belong, and tidying up too.

Hands-on Math & Science Experiments Make Lessons Exploratory & Interactive

Creative lessons engage children while preparing them for school and are a fun way to build foundational principles in math and science.

Music & Movement Daily Keeps Children Smiling

Children respond wonderfully well to music, which enhances their learning. By dancing, playing instruments, and singing, your child, easily incorporates rhythm, vocalization, and physical development
into their day-to-day.

More Advanced Reading Writing Skills Under Teacher Guidance

First by mastering their name, then other letters and numbers, your child is practicing letter recognition and their handwriting skills every day. Step-by-step, your child progresses in reading and writing and is getting Kindergarten ready.

Championing Your Child’s Accomplishments With Progress Reports

Teachers develop personalized lesson plans according to your child’s portfolio. We review their progress with you at conferences held twice a year, and we are happy to discuss your child’s academic progress at any time.

Our Core Values Bear FRUIT


We believe all things are possible through Christ.

We know God has a plan & purpose for each life.


We treat others how we want to be treated.

We are aware of others' individuality.


We work together.

We complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses.


We are honest, trustworthy & make moral decisions.

We always do the right thing.


We prosper in all arenas of life.

We pursue personal growth.

An Individualized Learning Curriculum Focused On Strengths

Our curriculum is individualized to meet your child’s unique needs. Our curriculum includes:

Co-Teaching For An Extra Set of Hands

Although not required, we’ve added a third teacher to every classroom, as an extra set of hands. Your child deserves this extra help, attention, love, and support.

Always Expect A Sparkling Clean, Sanitized Environment

Your child’s classroom is clean, orderly, and smells fresh every day thanks to nightly visits from a professional cleaning crew. A weekly turn in the state-of-the-art ZONO© Cabinet ensures that all toys stay clean and sanitized.

Teaching Your Child Safety Every Day

Proactive and preventative safety practices are shown to your child daily. We aspire to fun and creative ways for kids to learn to follow safety rules, like songs, picture reminders, and more.
Security Measures Like Video Surveillance Keep Children Safe
Security Measures Like Video Surveillance Keep Children Safe
Security Measures that Keep Children Safe

Security Measures Like Video Surveillance Keep Children Safe

A secure entrance, fenced-in playgrounds, and video surveillance are precautionary measures that keep your child safe.

Exciting Outdoor Playtime At Spacious Manthey Park

Your child plays outside in the open with their friends in the big park nearby. With teachers, they frequently walk to the park, a couple of blocks away, for outdoor fun and adventure.

Guests, Special Events and Celebrations At No Extra Cost

For convenience community members, such as the police and fire departments, Riverbend Nature Center, and the Rad Zoo, visit the center and engage with your child. In addition, a wealth of celebrations and holiday events round out the calendar

Hear What Parents Have To Say...

"This is a wonderful place"

Wonderful center for children. My son has been there for two weeks and he’s been talking so much and absolutely loves it there. This is a wonderful place.

– Brianna S

"He has learned a lot of things"

I have been bringing my son to Cedar Kids for a year and a half and he loves it! He has learned a lot of things that will help him to be ready for preschool and kindergarten! The staff are wonderful and it is a comfortable environment! I love all the crafts they do and also love the app that tells you what they did throughout which sometimes includes pictures! I would definitely recommend this center for child care!

– Janet S

" I always know she is safe and learning!"

Wonderful place. I always know she is safe and learning! Overly ready for preschool when it's time & learns/sings/prays about Jesus

– Elizabeth W

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