Love, Fun, and Prayer

First Steps Into Their Education
While Having Fun, Learning
Social-Emotional Skills and
The Value of Prayer

Love, Fun, and Prayer

Love, Fun, and Prayer

First Steps Into Their Education
While Having Fun, Learning
Social-Emotional Skills and
The Value of Prayer

Toddlers Program | 14 - 32 months | Serving Owatonna, MN

Taking Care of Your Child Like They’re Part of Our Family

We know that consistently providing nurturance and empathy has a profound and positive impact on your child’s well-being. Expect a “family feel” with all the extra cuddles, love and tenderness for your sweet little one!

Know that Your Child is Being Guided While Still Pursuing Their Curiosities

Through both child-directed and teacher-directed activities, your child is exploring their interests, playing with others, and constantly learning in exciting new ways. Weekly activities include:

The Messier, The-Better -
Creative Arts Twice a Week!

Every toddler is a little Picasso in their own right. We give your child’s self-expression free reign two times a week with fun -and yes, messy- art projects that you will be proud to display.

Dramatic Play and
Learning Social Skills

Through dress-up, kitchen fun, and pretend play, children have plenty of opportunities to play together every day. This interactive playtime allows them to learn social skills like taking turns and sharing.

Exciting Science Experiments and Exploring Math Concepts

Through activities like counting, measuring, and weighing, we introduce math to your child in a hands-on way. Science is introduced through simple experiments, like the baking soda and vinegar balloon, which naturally excite their curiosity.

Practicing Early Reading
and Writing Skills

Exploring the basics like colors, letters, and shapes, and introducing these elements in books and in writing, are some of the ways that we familiarize your little learner with words, reading, and eventually writing.

Music and Movement Daily

With dance and action songs incorporated in the daily curriculum, your child gets a chance to dance, wiggle, and shake. Keeping your child moving a lot is a great way to burn off any extra energy and is an essential part of their day.

Our Core Values and Behaviors



Knowing God has a plan and purpose for each life



Being aware of others individuality



Complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses



Always do the right thing



We pursue personal growth

Extra Support with a
Third Teacher in Each
Toddler Classroom

All children deserve the extra attention, love, support, and hands-on help that the third teacher per classroom provides. We’ve added an additional team member to give your child the individualized attention they need.

On-Site Housekeeper and Nightly Cleaning Service Keeping the Environment Fresh and Clean

Classrooms always smell wonderfully fresh. Our on-site housekeeper cleans all of the toys from each classroom weekly, and a cleaning service comes in to do a deep clean every night.

Safety Practices For Your
Child to Practice Every Day

Learning reminders like singing the “walking feet” song, are proactive ways to stop accidents from happening. Such practices are a fun way for your child to learn and follow safety rules.

Security Door at the Entrance, Fenced Playgrounds, and
Video Surveillance

Anyone who enters our facilities do so through a secure entrance, and the area is monitored by video surveillance at all times. Another safety precaution is our fenced-in yards, which allow children to play freely outside, in safety and security.

Stroller Rides Through
Manthey Park Nearby

We occasionally go on stroller rides to Manthey Park, which is only two blocks away. This outing is a great way for your toddler to get outside site seeing in some fresh air, and have fun.

In-House Special Events and Guests

Visits from community members, such as the fire department, Riverbend nature center, and the Rad Zoo, are exciting ways for your child to learn more about their community and the world. We host such in-house special events at no extra cost to you.


"My impression was so welcoming"

I moved from Puerto Rico and it's a big change. My first thought was "I need a Daycare that would bring me confidence and it has to be secure for my daughter". My impression was so welcoming, having a tour in all the classrooms, my daughter exploring every one of them, the teachers very attentive and lovely even tho my daughter wasn't going to be in their class. Rebecca, Leslie, Jina and Kaitlyn have been wonderful with me and my daughter in all the steps I have been since I moved here. 100% recommended!!!!

– Naomy F

"This is a wonderful place"

Wonderful center for children. My son has been there for two weeks and he’s been talking so much and absolutely loves it there. This is a wonderful place.

– Brianna S

" I always know she is safe and learning!"

Wonderful place. I always know she is safe and learning! Overly ready for preschool when it's time & learns/sings/prays about Jesus

– Elizabeth W

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