Before And After School Care

Before And After School Care

Beginning and Ending School Days with Casual Learning, Social-Emotional Skills and Spiritual Growth.

Before & After School Program | K - 12 years | Serving the Greater Owatonna, MN Area

Before And After School Care With Drop-Off Included

The Owatonna school busses transport children to and from school, which are arranged by parents. Breakfast is served before school and snack provided after school right away for hungry kids.

Our Core Values Bear FRUIT


We believe all things are possible through Christ.

We know God has a plan & purpose for each life.


We treat others how we want to be treated.

We are aware of others' individuality.


We work together.

We complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses.


We are honest, trustworthy & make moral decisions.

We always do the right thing.


We prosper in all arenas of life.

We pursue personal growth.

Homework Help Supports Your Child's Learning

An excellent time of day for your child to finish up the day’s assignments. Teachers on-site assist your child with any homework so that they can get this finished right after school.

Open-Ended Activities Like Crafts and Puzzles Provide Options

Your child is given a lot of choice in what they do after their day of school. For example, they can craft, play a board game, do a puzzle, or build.

No-School Days Full of Fun Games And Projects

On no-school days, when school is canceled due to weather or holidays, we offer more structured days, with fun activities planned. Such activities include experiments for tapping into science, games, and art projects.

A Variety of Interest Areas to Pursue Fun and Creativity

Your child continues their learning and development on all levels. Such fun, creative learning activities include:

Cleanliness Takes Precedence With A Pro Service & More

Expect a clean that goes above and beyond. A nightly cleaning service keeps the classrooms fresh, clean, and organized, and toys get a weekly turn in a modern ZONO® Cabinet that uses safe ozone treatment to sanitize hard-to-clean objects.

Teachers Maintain Essential Safety Practices

Teachers support and adhere to essential safety practices that are preventative and proactive. Your child learns to stick to safety rules 100% of the time.

Fenced Playgrounds, Video, And Other Measures Ensure Safety
Fenced Playgrounds, Video, And Other Measures Ensure Safety
Security Measures that Keep Children Safe

Fenced Playgrounds, Video, And Other Measures Ensure Safety

Anyone entering the facilities do so through a secure entrance, and the area has video surveillance at all times. Another safety precaution is our fenced-in yards, which allow children to play freely outside, in total peace and safety.

Hear What Parents Have To Say...

" I always know she is safe and learning!"

Wonderful place. I always know she is safe and learning! Overly ready for preschool when it's time & learns/sings/prays about Jesus

– Elizabeth W

"This is a wonderful place"

Wonderful center for children. My son has been there for two weeks and he’s been talking so much and absolutely loves it there. This is a wonderful place.

– Brianna S

"My 5 year old loves this place"

There is a huge variety of things to do and they really care about the kids!

– Andrea H.

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